Our clients are individuals from various backgrounds, age ranges and professional occupations. Their current situation, when they are first introduced to EWM, can be a wide variety of things ranging from personal to professional. However, all will be a good fit in one of the following three important areas.

1) Clients who need to grow their long-term assets in order to achieve their goals and dreams. The most common goal we find in this category is retirement. At EWM we help our clients accumulate the wealth they will need to retire. Many of our clients are also really interested in knowing more about how to save for their children’s college education.

2) Clients who are not retired, but require income generated from savings to supplement their primary income. We have some clients who either permanently or temporarily need income generated from savings. Individuals in this situation may be going through a transition of some type, perhaps a career change or deciding to start their own business. The objective in this situation is to generate the income for the client while maintaining a consistent principle balance. It is important to the client to not draw down or deplete the funds in the account.

3) Clients who are already retired and require some level of income from the wealth they’ve accumulated. EWM has the ability to generate the income they require in retirement. Our objective is to preserve a significant portion of the nest egg, creating an opportunity to then transfer wealth to the next generation. This is the most important aspect of generational wealth.

Our mission is to serve all of these individuals by providing investment account management services that are not typically available everywhere. This is where EWM is making a difference.

Those Individuals with existing assets that can be rolled over present the best opportunity for our investment management services. However, we are here to help everyone. If we determine through our initial meeting you are a good fit for our firm we are prepared to assist you in taking the next steps to becoming an EWM client.

It is also important to highlight we are serving a critical segment of the pre-retiree market. In the aftermath of the great recession there are so many hard working individuals with far less in their investment accounts than what will be needed to retire comfortably or realize some other financial objective. EWM strives to be the difference maker or game changer so many hard working individuals and families need to put them back on track in pursuit of their goals. What we’ve discovered in our discussions with those we seek to help is many are far behind in their long-term investment plan. EWM exist to serve this market especially. It is our mission to help these clients most of all.