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At EWM we are advisors and educators to our clients and the community at large. We made a conscious decision in 2015 to invest time and resources to this endeavor. This is the perfect complement to our first mission of increasing individual wealth through investment account management.

We are committed to educating our clients and the community about credit and debt management as well as the fundamentals of wealth building. We’ve discovered there is a tremendous need for this information. This education can truly change lives and be the foundation for a better quality of life.

Personal Finance

A solid foundation in one’s own knowledge of personal finances is our starting point. Below is an extensive, but still not complete, list of items and topics for review. These are all good examples of why a solid foundation in personal finance is critical to individual success. At EWM we are ready to counsel and advise on each one of these items.

  • Credit Education
  • The fundamentals of Credit Cards and how to use them effectively
  • Understanding your Credit Score
  • Your Credit Report and the 3 major Credit Bureaus
  • What you should know before applying for Auto Financing
  • What you should know before applying for a MortgageThe credits cards and the bills on the table. The number and personal ID of the credit card has been removed or replaced from the original one to prevent unnecessary things.
  • What you should know before buying a car
  • Debt Management
  • The basics of Money Management
  • Your Debt to Income Ratio
  • Your Personal Balance Sheet
  • Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
  • The Cost of Debt
  • Prioritizing your Debts
  • Creating your Budget
  • Bankruptcy Chp 13 vs. Chp 7
  • Life Insurance

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